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Dare To Trip. This is a trippy blog. One of the best. I promise you'll love it. Beware of seizures. 350,000+ followers and I love them all.

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I had reservations for dinner for two at a restaurant that makes the best of your favorite food in the city, on that same night it’s a full moon, I was going to take you to watch sea turtles hatch. Since they are your favorite animal.
But you’ll never know

"Congratulations you lost me"

You’re gonna lose me soon.

How does someone make me so happy but then 10 mins later crush my heart

There’s two ways this could go, you give me a chance and see how it works or you don’t give me a chance and you lose a friend.
Why would I want to be friends with someone who won’t even give me a chance

How the fuck do you know what you want if you won’t even give me a chance

No one cares about you till you’re dead💁

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